Wedding Reception Party – Shinichiro & Tomoko

19 Nov

Shinichiro & Tomoko were married on November 14th, 2010 in a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception party in Tokyo, Japan.  Here are photos of the wonderful wedding reception.  They are also located in my Gallery Picasa Gallery

Shinichiro & Tomoko Wedding Reception Party



CEATEC 2010 Japan – Early Announcements

05 Oct

The famous consumer electronics show CEATEC 2010 once again has it’s grand opening today.  Already Toshiba has announced in advance, it’s first ever glassLESS 3D TV models.    They will be offering two models,  one that is portable (12″ in size) and another which is 20″ in size.  Although this is notable,  I think 20″ these days might be a bit small for viewing a living room entertainment system.   Nonetheless,  glassless 3D systems is ultimately where the technology will head and will mature with time.  Think of a basic family of four, two parents and two children.  With current technology, you will need to buy a pair of (exepensive) glasses for each member of the family if they all want to watch a program at the same time.   Eventually that cost and that technology will go by the wayside and come to fruition.

The two models being offered by Toshiba…..  20” model,  20GL1 will have a 1280×720 resolution with a 550:1 contrast ratio, Toshiba CELL Regza technology, two digital TV tuner, HDMI out (1080/60p and 1080/24p), Ethernet, and a USB Port.   The smaller  12” 12GL1 will come with a 466×350 resolution,  500:1 contrast ratio, one digital TV tuner, HDMI out (1080/60p and 1080/24p), Ethernet, USB Port and SD Card reader.  Hmmm…..     Both models will be available in Japan in December.  ¥240,000 JPY for the 20GL1 and ¥120,000 JPY  for the 12GL1 model.  


Incredible India! Festival 2010

27 Sep

This year’s annual India Festival 2010 took place in Yoyogi Park during the weekend of 9/25 – 9/26. it is an opportunity for individuals who have an interest in India, and wish to experience the culture, products, and flavors of India. It is also a great opportiunity to establish and cultivate business contacts with India. The India Festival is one of many country festivals held in Tokyo each year.


Visit posting at: YouTube.

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View at: Incredible India! Festival 2010 @ Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan from Jerry Suppan on Vimeo


CEATEC Japan 2010

23 Sep

Once again the famous annual consumer electronics show will be with us soon here in Japan.  CEATEC Japan starts October 5th.

If you pre-register in advance, it will avoid the hassles to register and wait in line at the show. Further, admission is free. No pre-registration, you will pay ¥1,000 admission.  But, admission will be free on Saturday (10/9) the last day of the exhibition.

CEATEC is the one show of the year to experience the latest and greatest in cameras, camcorders, and pretty much any and all sorts of gadgetry related to photography, videography, cinematography, and digital technology.

The venue features booth displays in which the extensive range of exhibited items are zoned by category, such as electronic parts and devices, through to finished products. This arrangement provides visitors with the most efficient way to gather all the information they need.

This year’s major exhibition zones will be:

  • Home and Personal Zone
  • Business and Society Zone
  • Electronic Components, Devices, and Industrial Equipment Zone.

    Japanese Text to Speech Conversion

    01 Sep

    The following widget will allow converting  Japanese text to speech.  If unsure of a reading for a Japanese kanji character, sentence or paragraph, copy and paste it here.  The widget will then read it back for you.

    Learn Japanese verbs level 1. Verbs are displayed randomly. You can also display a new verb by clicking on the refresh button.


    Kitaro 15th Annual All Night Taiko Event 2010

    30 Aug

    Photos taken during Kitaro’s 15th annual all-night Taiko (Japanese Drums) event. This event occurs every year in August on the night of the full moon. For this year that happened all night on 8/24 – 8/25. The drumming starts approximately 18:00. Once it starts, it does not end until SUNRISE! That’s right! ALL night!! For those who might aspire to experience drumming on genuine Japanese Taiko drums, this is IT! It was quite an interesting, different, and exhilirating experience. It’s also a great escape from the doldrums of daily life, and a good stress release. As Kitaro himself likes to consider it, an appreciation for our planet…. to simply become one with nature, earth, with the beat of the drums. Best yet, although not very publicized, the event is totally free for those in the know. For those of you not familiar with Kitaro, he is the person famous for the NHK TV series, Silk Road of many years ago. He also did the soundtrack score for Oliver Stone’s movie, “Heaven and Earth” a story with a setting before, during, and after the Vietnam war. Kitaro currently lives in California, but returns each year to his native country to perform this event. To see the full load of all the photos of the event, please visit my Once there Enter >> EVENTS >> KITARO >> 2010-TAIKO.


    この写真集は喜太郎の第15回、富士山御殿場でのオールナイト太鼓イベントです。このイベントは毎年の八月の満月の夜に起こるイベントです。今年は8月24日、25日のオールナイトでした。太鼓のオペニングセレモニーは約18時頃からサンライズ(夜明けまで)止めません!そうです!オールナイトです。もし本物の太鼓を体験したいと憧れている人ならば、これです!来年の8月の満月の夜にも叉ですよ!面白くて日常生活のストレスから逃げて爽快イベントです。喜太郎自身も考えていることで地球に感謝するイベントです。地球と自然と一緒になることです。なによりもこのイベントはあまり広告されていないけれども一番良いのが無料です。自由に参加できます。 喜太郎さんが良く知らない人でしたら、昔の日本のNHKテレビシリーズ、「シルクロード」のBGMを作った人です。そして監督のオリバーストーンの映画「Heaven and Earth」のサウンドトラックも作成しました。喜太郎の音楽のスタイルは基本的にニューエージでシンセサイザーの方でも一番有名です。今現在アメリカのカリフォルニアに住んでいます。恐らく日本よりもアメリカのほうで一番人気かも知れません。このイベントのもっと詳しい写真を見てみたいなら、私のウェブサイトへ訪れて下さい:


    Kitaro – 2010 All Night Taiko, Photo Gallery

    28 Aug

    I have just posted the first batch of photos of this event to my gallery,  Please visit the link on my gallery page or go directly to the album.


    Think Different

    28 Aug

    An interesting short video clip I came across recently was a presentation by Steve Jobs to developers back in 1997.  People who think different,  who don’t follow the status quo toward achievements, are the one’s who in fact change the world.  I won’t belabor the point myself.  Rather, watch Steve Jobs 1997 presentation to developers.  Think different.  Be different.  Quite inspirational and worth the 6 minute review.



    Kitaro 2009 All Night Taiko Event – Videos Online

    23 Aug

    Just to get a little taste of the excitement of the event the night before the 2010 event begins,   I have posted all my videos of the 2009 all night taiko event.  These video files are ‘in-the-raw’,  meaning… NO post production work.  Rather then just sitting in my computer waiting to have  time to produce a nicely polished video I decided to post and share  them with the people planning to attend tomorrow rather then let the experience go to waste.   Also, bear in mind, these ARE videos, so be patient and allow a little bit of time to download and buffer before viewing.  In order to make the process a bit faster, I reduced the video files down to iphone frame size.  Thus, the file size is smaller, and should start more quickly.   Also, I have not figured out yet how to attach thumbnail images to the video clips, so you will need to go by the video file names to get some idea of what the content is.   Also, I have not figured out yet how to attach thumbnail images to the video clips, so you will need to go by the video file names to get some idea of what the content is for each clip.


    15th Annual Kitaro All Night Taiko Event – Mt. Fuji

    21 Aug

    Kitaro’s 15th annual August,  all-night Taiko (Japanese Drums) session will take place this year once again on 8/24 – 8/25, ‘night of the full moon’.  For those who might aspire to experience  Japanese Taiko, on real, genuine Japanese drums, this will be an interesting, different, and exhilirating experience and opportunity to do so.  It’s also a great opportunity to escape the doldrums of daily life, stress release, and to simply become one with nature, earth, and the beat of the drums.  Best yet, although not very publicized, the event is totally free for those in the know.

    Event Information:  EnglishJapanese

    Gotemba Access map (Japanese)
    Kitaro’s official music website EnglishJapanese
    Impressions of West Lake 52nd Grammy Awards, Best New Age Album Nomination

    I have also posted a sub-section here under the PHOTO page which contains 3D scrollable albums participation in last year’s 2009 as well as  2007 all night taiko events. I also posted VIDEO of the 2009 event as well.

    For those who might attend, I  prepared a  basic checklist of items you may wish to consider to bring for personal convenience and as contingency for sudden, inclement weather changes:

    • tent
    • sleeping bag
    • toilet paper
    • flash light
    • gloves, work type (hands will go sore without them)
    • bachi (drum sticks, professional type)
    • first aid kit (comprised of whatever you feel appropriate)
    • plastic sheets (spread sheets like for picnics, at the beach, etc.)
    • rain suit or parka
    • lightweight jacket
    • plastic garbage bags, large size
    • camera / video equipment (related paraphenalia.. tripod, lenses)
    • food / beverages, as you like.

    This is not not necessarily an exhaustive listing, but a guideline.  This will be an ALL NIGHT event so be  forewarned!  Also, since Mt. Fuji is a mountain, at 1/3 the way up the mountain, the weather could become unpredictable.

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